Dance Chicago 2010


Pre-Order dvds here from the 16th annual dance chicago festival

Additional Services:

Please contact Stone Face Productions for additional video services (custom titles, edits, duplicate DVDs, etc). A fee will be incurred for services not included in the standard package.


Fill out the form and click "Buy Now" to purchase your 2010 Dance Chicago DVDs.

Discounts for multiple copies or multiple tracks must be arranged prior to ordering, Please contact Stone Face Productions for details.

Standard video includes:
Menu graphic with Dance Chicago logo
Opening slate with date and dance company name
Simple fade in/out from black - mixed audio
Price: $45.00 (shipping $3.95 via First Class Mail)
Please specify name of company, show title (if applicable) and date of performance when ordering. Please allow up to four weeks form performance date for delivery.mailto:john@stonefaceproductions.comshapeimage_1_link_0

Production Notes:

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